SuperBox Experience

SuperBox is an android IPTV box or a streaming device that can be plugged into any television, including those which don't have smart capabilities. The IPTV box runs on the advanced Android operating system (the same operating system used to run most smartphones and tablets). With the help of the internet, you can view your favorite shows online via the Android TV box.

The SuperBox android TV box offers smooth and HD quality streaming even with little internet speed. Despite watching your favorite shows, you can even listen to your favorite songs via various Apps like Spotify, Sound Cloud, Last FM, Media Player, etc. You can play offline videos via a pen drive too. The IPTV box also offers free IPTV services without any extra charges. The build-in chrome cast support helps you directly cast a video straight from your tablet, phone, and desktop browser.

Superbox S2 Pro

  Why Get The SuperBox S3 Pro Android TV box?

The android TV box is preferred over other TV boxes like Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, or NVIDIA because of its flexibility, navigability, and the availability of more options and applications. The user-friendly android operating system provides various useful options and features to enhance the user experience. The android TV box is considerably cheap compared to other TV boxes. It also enables gaming option to the users.

How Does The SuperBox Pro Work?

The SuperBox Pro Android TV can be connected to any TV which has an AV port or HDMI port. Unlike Stick or Chrome Cast, the android TV box has various features like USB, SD card and Ethernet ports, etc. The IPTV box also has a built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth facility that enables smart usage of the network. The android TV box works with a user-friendly android operating system version 9 (Android Pie) that can be upgraded to higher versions. The operating system enhances the IPTV box to accesses the play store which contains useful applications like web browsers, music, and on-demand video applications, and gaming. The SuperBox android TV box can be accessed via an IR power TV remote which can also control the Television. 

Superbox S2 Pro
The SuperBox Pro can be connected to the home router via both the Ethernet port and Wi-Fi to access the internet. The router should be placed near the android TV box to have a more stable connection. The SuperBox Pro is equipped with a quality power adapter that offers stable power to the TV box. The AV cable or HDMI cable is used for interfacing the Android TV box with the TV. The external storage device like pen drive, SD card, and hard disk are used for additional data storage and to access offline media. The USB slot also supports peripheral devices like a keyboard and mouse for easy access. In addition, the SuperBox Pro offers a seven days’ playback feature.    


     Advantages of SuperBox Pro Android TV box

  1. The user doesn't have to pay a subscription fee or extra charges for watching free IPTV channels, or for using the applications of the SuperBox Pro. The user only has to pay for the android TV as a one-time payment, and then they can download all the recommended applications.
  2. With the SuperBox Pro Android TV box, you can access more than 1000 live high definition premium channels for free, which includes live news, sports, political entertainment, kids special, and TV shows. IPTV also provides channels in various languages and categories like network TV, regional and local channels, sports network channels, 24/7 channels, News channels, NBA, MLB, NFL, NCAAF, NHL, Canada (English & French), Latin (Spanish), or Filipino.
  3. The free IPTV box channels are updated automatically in the SuperBox Pro every day between 12 Pm to 5 Pm. Here is the link to check the list of updated Free IPTV channels.
  4. The entertainment channels offer free access to 10,000+ movies and TV series Available in all genres like Popular, New, Classic, Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Horror, Musical, Mystery, Romance, Sci-fi, Sport, Thriller, War, Western, 18+movies, etc.  
  5. All Live sports channel packages are available in HD quality without freezing or loading error. The sports channels include American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Ice hockey, Cricket, Soccer, Boxing, Golf, volleyball, MMA, etc.
  6. With a 7-days Playback function offered by the SuperBox Pro android TV box, the user can navigate to the playback option if they miss their favorite sports telecast, important news, or movie.
  7. The S2 Pro TV box supports brilliant picture quality of up to 6K Ultra HD resolution and High Dynamic Range so that the user can experience highest level of clarity, detail, and smoothness.
  8. The SuperBox Pro android TV can be used in many countries. With a proper internet connection and television, it can work in almost any country.